PAN Verification [Advance]

API to verify PAN for comprehensive taxpayer KYC

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Request Body Example

    "pan": "XXXPX1234A",
    "consent": "Y",
    "reason": "Testing"

Testing Data

XXXPX1234AYTesting200Valid PAN (Individual)
XXXPX1234HYTesting200Valid PAN (Individual)
XXXPX1234OYTesting200Valid PAN (Individual)
XXXPX1234PYTesting200Valid PAN (Individual)
XXXCX1234BYTesting200Valid PAN (Company)
XXXFX1234JYTesting200Invalid PAN
XXXPX1234CYTesting403Insufficient Privilege
XXXPX1234DYTesting403Insufficient Credits
XXXPX123EEYTesting422Invalid PAN Pattern
XXXPX1234KNTesting422Consent Required
XXXPX1234FYTesting500Internal Server Error
XXXPX1234GYTesting503Service Unavailable


Please note that PAN other than the ones mentioned will result in an Invalid response when testing in Test Environment.

PAN Pattern Validation

TypeRegular Expression


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