Annexure-1 Labels

The enumeration is explained below:

Corporate ActionENUM
Bonus Issuebonus_issue
Buy Back of Sharesbuy_back
Consolidation of Sharesconsolidation
Dividend on Preference Sharesdividend
Income Distribution (InvIT)income_distribution_invit
Income Distribution RITESincome_distribution_rites
InvIT - Return of Capitalreturn_of_capital_invit
Preferential Issue of sharespreferential_issue
Reduction of Capitalreduction_of_capital
Right Issue of Equity Sharesright_issue
Scheme of Arrangementscheme_of_arrangement
Spin Offspin_off
Stock Splitstock_split
Voluntary Delisting of Sharesvoluntary_delisting_of_share
Donation of securitydonation
Transfer of securities in form of giftgift
Loss of securitylost
Transfer of securitiestransfer

Annexure-2 Nature of Settlement

Nature of SettlementENUM
Trade type settlementtrade
Interest on securityinterest
Asset transferred intransfer_in
Asset transferred outtransfer_out
Asset sent as Giftgift_send
Asset received as Giftgift_receive
Asset donateddonation
Buy back for the securitybuy_back