Bank Account Verification [Penny-Less]

API to verify bank accounts without the need of penny-drop

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Testing Data

Account numberIFSCResponseRemarks
60100123456781SBIN0021745200Success response
60100123456782SBIN0021745200Invalid Account or IFSC
60100123456783SBIN0021745403Insufficient Privilege
60100123456784SBIN0021745403Access denied
60100123456785SBIN0021745403Invalid Token
60100123456786SBIN0021745403Insufficient credits
60100123456787SBIN0021745422Invalid IFSC pattern
60100123456788SBIN0021745422Verification service for requested bank is not supported
60100123456789SBIN0021745500Internal Server Error
60100123456790SBIN0021745500Source bank declined
60100123456791SBIN0021745503Source Unavailable


Please note that Banks details other than the ones mentioned will result in an Invalid response when testing in Test Environment.

IFSC Pattern Validation

TypeRegular Expression


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