Taxpayer Authentication

Taxpayer Authentication establishes a secure authenticated session to fetch, save, reconcile and file GSTRs. Authentication is a necessary step to transact with the GST Network. Once authenticated, a session is created through which a taxpayer can fetch details, file returns, and reconcile using Taxpayer APIs.

Enable API Access

To automate GST Compliance, API access needs to be enabled. This can be done via the GST Portal by following the below steps.

  1. Log in to your GST Account on
  2. Click on 'View Profile' on the Dashboard
  3. In the 'Quick Links' section, go to 'Manage API Access'
  4. Set 'Enable API Request' to 'Yes'
  5. Set 'Duration' to '30 days'

Once, the taxpayer has enabled the API Access, an authenticated session can be created for the GST entity with the below APIs.

  1. Generate OTP
  2. Verify OTP


An authenticated session is valid for 6 hours and can be refreshed before expiry till the duration set on the GST Portal per the above steps.


After the set GST Portal duration has passed, OTP verification is to be done again for a new authenticated session.