Income Tax per Old Regime

Income Tax under the Old Regime will have the already existing slab rates along with the prevailing deductions and exemptions. Persons can calculate their income tax liability as per Old Regime using Sandbox API.

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Use this API to calculate the income tax liability of a person under the Old Regime.


  • Every year government changes guidelines in determining the tax liability of a person.
  • This makes it difficult for HRMS platforms in managing tax computations, leading to erroneous tax liability calculations.
  • Tax liability also changes depending on the chosen tax regime.


  • API to calculate Income Tax Liability as per the Old Tax Regime.
  • API gets constantly updated as per the latest tax guidelines.


HTTP MethodEndpoint

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Follow the below guidelines to pass income details to calculate Income Tax per Old Regime.


financial_yearstringThe financial year for which Income Tax has to be calculated.FY 2020-21
panstringPAN number of the taxpayer.XXXPX0000X
filing_categorystringCategory of the type of filingGeneral
residential_statusstringResident, Not Ordinarily Resident or Non-resident.Resident
basic_salarynumBasic Salary of Taxpayer.720000
hra_receivednumHome Rent Allowance120000
rent_paidnumActual Rent Paid240000
addressjson objectAddress of the Taxpayer
other_allowancesnumOthe Taxable Allowances are given to Taxpayers/50000
interest_paid_on_let_out_hp_loannumInterest on Borrowed Capital on Home Loan. (Rented out)20000
rent_receivednumRent received from *home rental.350000
property_tax_paidnumMunicipal Tax paid on home ownership.12000
interest_paid_on_self_occupied_hp_loannumInterest on Borrowed Capital on Home Loan. (Self-occupied)0
savings_interestnumSavings Account Interest11000
fd_interestnumFixed deposit Interest50000
dividend_incomenumDividend Income.12000
other_incomenumOther Income100000
stcg_15numShort-Term Capital Gains 15%0
stcg_30numShort-Term Capital Gains 30%0
stcg_slabnumShort-Term Capital Gains slab0
ltcg_10numLong-Term Capital Gains 10%0
ltcg_20numLong-Term Capital Gains 20%0
regular_business_turnovernumBusiness Turnover0
regular_business_profitnumBusiness Profits0
speculative_business_turnovernumSpeculative Business Turnover0
speculative_business_profitnumSpeculative Busines Profit0
elssnumSection 80C - ELSS investments50000
npsnumSection 80C - NPS investments50000
ppfnumSection 80C - PPF investments50000
epfnumSection 80C - EPF investments0
lic_premiumnumSection 80C - LIC Premium investments50000
other_investmentnumSection 80C - Other investment0
deduction_80_ccd_1_bnumEmployee's contribution made u/s 80CCD(1B)30000
deduction_80_ccd_2numEmployer's contribution made u/s 80CCD(2)0
deduction_80_d_selfnumMedical - For Self and Family25000
deduction_80_d_parentsnumMedical - For Parents0
deduction_80_d_parents_seniornumMedical - For Parents (Sr. Citizen)0
deduction_80_gnumDonation to Charity u/s 80G0
deduction_80_enumInterest On Education Loan u/s 80E0
deduction_80_eeanumInterest on home loan taken between 01/04/2019 - 31/03/2023. Value of home is upto 45,00,000 u/s 80EEA0
deduction_80_eebnumInterest on Electric Vehicle Loan u/s 80EEB0
deduction_80_ggnumSelf employed or salaried with no HRA can claim deduction upto Rs. 60,000 u/s 80GG0


citystringTaxpayer's cityMumbai

Sample CURL Request

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'Authorization: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'x-api-key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \
     --header 'x-api-version: 1.0' \
     --data '
     "financial_year": "FY 2020-21",
     "pan": "XXXPX0000X",
     "filing_category": "General",
     "residential_status": "Resident",
     "basic_salary": 720000,
     "hra_received": 120000,
     "rent_paid": 240000,
     "address": {
          "city": "Mumbai"
     "other_allowances": 50000,
     "interest_paid_on_let_out_hp_loan": 200000,
     "rent_received": 350000,
     "property_tax_paid": 1200,
     "interest_paid_on_self_occupied_hp_loan": 0,
     "savings_interest": 11000,
     "fd_interest": 50000,
     "dividend_income": 12000,
     "other_income": 100000,
     "stcg_15": 0,
     "stcg_30": 0,
     "stcg_slab": 0,
     "ltcg_10": 0,
     "ltcg_20": 0,
     "regular_business_turnover": 0,
     "regular_business_profit": 0,
     "speculative_business_turnover": 0,
     "speculative_business_profit": 0,
     "elss": 50000,
     "nps": 50000,
     "ppf": 50000,
     "epf": 0,
     "lic_premium": 50000,
     "other_investment": 0,
     "deduction_80_ccd_1_b": 30000,
     "deduction_80_ccd_2": 0,
     "deduction_80_d_self": 25000,
     "deduction_80_d_parents": 0,
     "deduction_80_d_parents_senior": 0,
     "deduction_80_g": 0,
     "deduction_80_e": 0,
     "deduction_80_eea": 0,
     "deduction_80_eeb": 0,
     "deduction_80_gg": 0


Test Environment Not Available


gross_total_incomenumGross Total Income937160
cylanumCurrent Year's Loss Adjustment0
cflnumCarry Forward Loss0
total_deductions_under_chapter_vi_anumTotal Deductions under Ch. 6215000
gross_taxable_incomenumGross Taxable Income722160
tax_on_total_incomenumTax on Total Income56932
health_and_education_cessnumHealth and Education Cess2278
total_tax_payablenumTotal Tax payable59210
effective_tax_ratenumEffective Tax Rate9

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