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API to E-File your TDS return by uploading TXT and CSI on pre-signed URL

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Did you know?

If FVU validation fails or the E-file fails we return the Job with Error Code and message you can use to correct your TDS return FVU File. Head to Annexure - TIN FC to know comprehensive set of messages possible from the TDS E-file API



PUT Request on Presigned URL

Once the job is successfully created, upload the payload using HTTP PUT method on generated presigned url. Read More

AHMA09719B200Job will be successful
MUMR09719B200Job will fail with the message: Regular Statement with the same TAN, Financial Year, FORM, and Quarter is already furnished
AABC23456D200Job will fail with the message: TAN present in the Statement/Application is not valid, kindly furnish a valid TAN
PDES03028E200Job will fail with the message: The statement cannot be filed before the end of the relevant quarter of the current Financial Year
BLRC23456F200Job will fail and will provide a Validation Report URL
DABC2345DD422Invalid TAN Pattern
EABC23456N422Invalid Form
FABC23456O500Internal Server Error


Test Environment

Use test host url to test out the APIs

  • You can prepare actual return (txt) or use dummy data, get challan statement (csi) using OLTAS and use them to test the API
  • Actions taken in the test mode have no consequences in your live environment.
  • When successful, you will get a mocked response with dummy receipt of E-filing
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