Get GST Return Status

Sandbox API where the authenticated taxpayers can get GSTR status after uploading JSON to the GST portal.


  • This API provides details regarding the status of returns the taxpayer (gstin) for the particular year and month.


HTTP MethodResourceDescription
Getgsp/tax-payer/{gstin}/gstrs/{year}/{month}/statusTakes in gstin, year and month and provides returns status

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Follow the below guidelines to pass GSTIN, year & month for getting GST Return details.

Path Parameters

gstinstring15-character alpha-numeric unique identifier assigned to business entities registering under the GST regime22AAAAA0000A1Z5
yearstringYear for which Advance Tax needs to be fetched.2020
monthstringMonth for which Advance Tax needs to be fetched.01

Once the values are added, Your curl will look something like this

curl --request GET \
     --url '' \
     --header 'Authorization: xxxxxxxxxx' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'x-api-key: xxxxxxxxxx' \
     --header 'x-api-version: 1.0'


Test Environment Not Available


The response includes the following GST Return Status details below

status_cdstringStatus of requestPROCESSED-P/PROCESSED with Error- PE/ERROR-ER
form_typstringForm Type (R1=GSTR1, R2=GSTR2...)R1
Error ReportList (Error Details)Refer to the Table below
  • errorReport Details
b2bobjectB2B Error Report
error_cdstringError codeRET100
error_msgstringError MessageDuplicate Invoice

Response Caching

Response caching is not available for this API. Learn more about our response caching mechanism here

Wallet Charges

Since Get GST Return Status is not a Paid API, no wallet charge will take place.


This API is currently in major version 1.0. Refer to our versioning policies here