Form 16 API

What is Form 16?

  • Form16 is issued when the employer deducts TDS from the employee's salary.
  • The certificate provides a detailed summary of the amount paid or credited to the employee and the TDS on the same.
  • These Form 16 APIs will help you read your form 16 pdf and give you form 16 entity and even classify them.

What can you do with Sandbox Form16 APIs?

  • Upload Form16 document as a Multipart file.
  • The API will return a form 16 entity.

What can you do with the Form16 entity?

  1. Use the Classify Form 16 API to classify the type form16 document like "Part A", "Part B" and "Form 16" in case the document has both the parts.
  2. The Post Form 16 API to Receives a form16 entity and fetches income, deductions, etc details from form16 to prepare the income tax return.

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