Use TDS Return APIs to E-file your TDS Return

What is TDS Return?

TDS Return is a quarterly statement submitted by the deductor to the Income Tax Department. The statement shows a summary of all the entries for TDS collected by the deductor and the TDS paid to the Income Tax Authority. The TDS Return statement includes details like the PAN number of the deductor & the deductees, all the detailed particulars of the TDS paid to the government, and the TDS Challan information.

Available TDS Returns API

Return API allows users to file their TDS return by uploading the FVU file for Form 24Q, Form 26Q, and Form 27Q for a specific financial year and quarter using TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN FCs).

  1. E-File TDS Return helps you file your TDS Return. It returns a job_id that can be used to check your filing status. You can File your TDS Return by :
    1. Uploading TXT & CSI file
    2. Using a zip file of FVU & Form 27A
  2. Get E-File Status allows you to check your filing status by taking in the job_id.


Pay TDS through our APIs

We offer Tax-Payment APIs which can be integrated into your workflow and help you pay TDS seamlessly.

About TIN FC

TIN FC refers to Tax Information Network Facilitation Center. TIN FC are entities established to facilitate the following with regards to TDS:

  • Receive e-TDS/TCS returns from deductors/collectors and upload them to the TIN central system
  • Receive TDS/TCS returns in paper format from non-corporate, non-government deductors/collectors and upload them to the TIN central system
  • Receive 'applications for allotment of new TAN(Form 49B)' and 'Request for Changes or Correction in TAN data for TAN allotted' from TAN applicants

Type of Return Forms

Type of TDS Return FormsParticulars of the TDS Return Forms
Form 24QStatement for tax deducted at source from salaries
Form 26QStatement for tax deducted at source on all payments other than salaries.
Form 27QStatement for tax deductions on income received from interest, dividends, or any other sum payable to non-residents.
Form 27EQStatement of collection of tax at source.