Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is an indirect method of collecting Income Tax. TDS is based on the principle of “Pay as you earn”. It is where a person making a payment of specified nature is liable to deduct tax at a prescribed rate.

Staying TDS compliant can be a hassle, as one is required to :

  1. Deduct TDS from payments that are liable for TDS Deduction at an appropriate rate.
  2. Deposit TDS to the Government before the due date.
  3. Issue a TDS Certificate by the deductor to the deductee.
  4. File TDS Returns on a Quarterly basis.

Businesses deducting TDS have to remain compliant with each of the steps. Failure to do so results in TDS Penalties by Authorities. Sandbox provides TDS APIs to completely automate this process.

Compliance API

These APIs enable businesses to automate their TDS Compliance requirements such as 206AB & 206CCA compliance check, E-File TDS Return and Download TDS Certificate APIs such as Form16 / Form16A.

Analytics API

APIs that use business data to analyze TDS information to avoid Potential Notices, Reconcile a business's TDS credits, and more.

Report API

Prepare TDS returns for volumetric deductions through these APIs, easily generating TXT.

Calculator API

Determine the deduction amount on Salary, Non-Salary payments through our TDS Calculator APIs.