If there is an incorrect request or issues at the source level, Sandbox API will return an error response such as below

    "code": 401,
    "message": "Unauthorized",
    "timestamp": 1687602744185,
    "transaction_id": "2230d738-2ef4-4821-a510-cb7fa51d19d8"

Error Codes

The following table provides you with the common error codes you may encounter when using our APIs, along with the possible reason for them.

Status CodePossible Error Reason
2XX OKAll good
400 Bad RequestMissing/Incorrect values in the parameters
401 UnauthorizedAuthorization failure
403 ForbiddenRestricting access due to one of the errors described
- Invalid access token
- Access token has expired
- Insufficient privilege
- Insufficient credits
- Usage quota exhausted
- Access revoked
404 Not FoundThis can occur during integration when an incorrect URL is used
413 Request Entity Too LargeExceeding character limit/file size
422 Unprocessable EntityThe body might not be in JSON format or the flags are incorrect
429 Too Many RequestsRate-limiting
500 Internal Server ErrorSomething went wrong from Sandbox's side (very rare)
503 Service UnavailableOur source is not working, try again later
504 Gateway TimeoutYour request timed out, please try again