Sandbox issues a Wallet for every account where money can be loaded. One can load money into their wallet using payment gateway or bank transfer using the account details that are available through the dashboard.


Wallet credits do not have expiry and are always carried forward.

Wallet charges

Some APIs incur additional charges per API call that are deducted from the wallet. Please note that a subscription is required to access Sandbox APIs, and wallet charges are in addition to the subscription fee. Wallet charges cover the following expenses, which are applicable based on the API called.

  • Upstream charges from vendors like banks, GSPs, Account Aggregators, TIN FCs, etc.
  • Licensing charges
  • IP charges
  • Credit, Email or SMS charges

Below are the APIs that have wallet charges applicable on them.

KYCComplianceAadhaar OKYC
KYCCompliancePAN Verification
KYCComplianceBank Verification
KYCComplianceUPI Id Verification
GSTComplianceSearch GSTIN with PAN and State Code
GSTAnalyticsGSTR-2B Reconciliation with Purchase Ledger
TDSReportingPrepare TDS Return
TDSReportingPrepare TCS Return
TDSComplianceSection 206AB & 206CCA Check
TDSCompliancee-File TDS Return
TDSComplianceDownload TDS Certificate
TDSAnalyticsPotential Notices


Wallet charges are only applicable on 2xx calls.