A subscription is a recurring payment method where users pay at regular intervals, typically called the billing period, to access a product or service. To access the Sandbox API, customers must maintain an active subscription. Subscriptions can be billed monthly or annually by establishing payment instructions with a valid payment method. Sandbox subscription includes

  • Access to 200+ Sandbox APIs
  • Access to API Keys
  • Monthly Quota

Free Trial

Sandbox offers a 14-day free trial that gives you access to our platform. This will help you test our APIs and build a proof of concept for your stakeholders.

You can read here on how to start the free trial.

Upgrade & Downgrade your Subscription

Sandbox allows its users to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions anytime. Users can avail of this by choosing the new plan from their dashboard. Learn more about it here.

Note that the upgrade/downgrade will occur at the end of the current billing cycle. Furthermore, this feature is available only if your payment method is set to a credit card. You can learn more about how to change your payment method here.