Usage & Reports

Sandbox API dashboard allows you to monitor your usage and also allows you to download reports for detailed analysis.


You can monitor the total usage of your API key. This usage is the total number of API calls made using the particular API key.

To view the usage, click on the API key and navigate to the 'Usage' tab.

Usage can be seen on a daily, weekly & monthly basis for the past 7, 28 & 90 days. To see a more detailed analysis of your usage, you can download Reports.


You can download reports to obtain a detailed analysis of your API usage for a particular time period in CSV format.
The Report can be downloaded from the usage tab of the API key. The report will be emailed on the email id entered.

The report will contain the following attributes:

1. Timestamp
2. Transaction ID
4. Status
5. Resource ID
6. API Key
7. Description
8. Amount
9. HTTP Method
10. Status Code