Usage & Reports

Sandbox API dashboard allows you to monitor your usage and download reports for detailed analysis.


You can monitor the total number of API calls made using your API key in the Usage tab of your subscription. Usage will be seen for the current billing cycle. To see a more detailed analysis of your usage, you can access the usage report.


The report will provide a detailed analysis of your API usage for a particular time period in CSV format. The Report will be sent to the given email address.

The CSV will include the following details for an API call.

  1. Timestamp of when the API call took place.
  2. Transaction ID of the API call.
  3. Status tells you the response code of that API call.
  4. Amount indicates where a wallet charge took place against that API call. It will appear if a Paid API was called.
  5. Description of the wallet charge.

Among other attributes

You can refer to this article here on how to view & download usage reports from your dashboard. The below table tells you when a wallet charge and subscription quota consumption will take place.

Status CodeDescriptionNotesWallet ChargesQuota
400Bad RequestInvalid Headers or Query/Path ParamNoNo
401UnauthorizedInvalid API Key/SecretNoNo
403ForbiddenInvalid/Expired Authorization HeaderNoNo
404Not FoundNoNo
422Unprocessable EntityInvalid Request BodyNoYes
429Too many requestsNoNo
500Internal Server ErrorErrors in Sandbox ServicesNoNo
503Service UnavailableSource UnavailableNoNo
504Gateway timeoutRequest timeoutNoNo