Postbacks (Webhooks, Events, Web Callback, HTTP Push API, or Reverse API) are a one-way web application that can send information to another application when a specific event happens. For e.g., if you have subscribed to the tds.206-ab.done event, you will receive a postback event every time your 206AB Job is done.

Configuring Postbacks

You can easily configure Postbacks conveniently from the dashboard in the subscription settings.

Validating Postbacks

If the Postback secret is defined, it is utilized to generate a hash signature for each payload. The secret is a user-determined string chosen during the configuration of Postback Notifications.

With each request, this hash signature is passed under the x-sandbox-signature in the request header using base64 encoding that can be validated at your end by reproducing the same hash key using the HMAC-SHA256 algorithm.