Our APIs enable businesses to stay compliant in tax domains such as IT, GST, TDS, KYC, and Tax Payment. This is achieved by connecting with multiple authorities such as Banks, GSTN, TIN-FC & Account Aggregators. By bearing the integration challenges to access these sources, Sandbox is able to provide a pool of robust and reliable APIs that any business can use at a very reasonable price without any hassles.

Key Features

  • Superfast Onboarding: Start calling the APIs within minutes by starting a subscription on your own. You get access to all our available APIs and the platform through a subscription.
  • Simple Transparent Pricing
  • API Documentation: Clean API documentation that helps Business Managers & Developers understand the APIs.
  • Developer’s Economy: Extensive Postman Collections & SDKs to get started.
  • API Status Page: Stay updated on Sandbox APIs uptime, incidents, or maintenance.


Sandbox is built by developers for developers. As such, our APIs:

  • Are in unified REST format
  • Universally-accepted JSON request and response bodies
  • Use standard HTTP response codes, authentication, & error messages
  • Have postback configuration

We have grouped our APIs into four sections, namely:

  1. KYC API: Our carefully selected KYC APIs allow verification of Aadhaar, UPI, Bank Account, PAN & GSTIN. Also, the KYC of directors and companies can be done using MCA Master Data.
  2. GST API: GST APIs help you automate end-to-end GST compliance including vendor onboarding, e-invoicing, e-way billing, reconciliation & GSTR filing.
  3. TDS API: TDS APIs help you automate end-to-end TDS compliance including TDS Calculation, Section 206AB & 206CCA compliance check & TDS Filing.
  4. Tax Payment API: Pay your TDS, STT(Securities Transaction Tax), Advance Tax, or Self Assessment Tax hassle-free using our Tax Payment APIs.

Test Environment

The Test environment enables simulated business activity and lets developers build, test, and monitor applications integrated with Sandbox. This environment will provide mocked responses reflecting behavior in the production environment.

Please note that only dummy data provided for the Test endpoint can be used in the Test environment.

Libraries and SDKs

You can use a pre-built client to interact with Sandbox API v1.0.2 without having to make raw HTTP calls.

API Status

Available at Sandbox API Status, Sandbox API status reports uptime and incidents for our API environments.

Need Help?

Get help by emailing our support team using this page.

Terms of Use

Thank you for using Sandbox's APIs, other developer services, and associated software (collectively, “APIs”). By accessing or using our APIs, you are agreeing to our terms of use.