GST Taxpayer API

Sandbox APIs to access all GST Taxpayer related functionalities like Registration, Filling of Returns, Information on Payment, Viewing of ledgers etc.


The GST Taxpayer APIs are provided by the GSTN(Goods and Service Tax Network) for public usage. These APIs, together, mirror the GST Portal. Therefore, you can use these Sandbox APIs to integrate GST compliance into your workflow itself.

Authenticating taxpayer on GST Portal

Use the following workflow to access the GST Portal:

Step 1 - Authenticate the GST taxpayer.

Step 2 - After successful authentication, the GST taxpayer can access their GST Portal. Sandbox provides the following APIs which enable the corresponding functionalities of the GST Portal.

Available GST Taxpayer APIs

GST Taxpayer APIs

Below are the available Sandbox GST taxpayer APIs

  • Taxpayer Authentication - To authenticate the taxpayer like Generate OTP, verify OTP, Taxpayer Logout, etc.
  • Ledger APIs - To fetch the taxpayer's ledgers like Cash ITC Ledger, Cash ledger, ITC Ledger, Tax Liability Ledger, other Ledger, and Return-related liability balance.
  • Returns APIs - To fetch and file GST Returns like GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-2B, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-4.

GST Taxpayer API workflow

How is the Taxpayer APIs charged?

Taxpayer Authentication / Generate OTPYesYes
Taxpayer Authentication / Verify OTPYesYes
Taxpayer Authentication / Get Session ExpiryYesNo
Taxpayer Authentication / Refresh Taxpayer AccessYesYes
Taxpayer Authentication / Taxpayer logoutYesYes

GST Pattern Validation

TypeRegular Expression