E-Way Bill API

E-Way Bill APIs include generating, rejecting, cancelling E-Way bills, and other GST E-Way Bill APIs.

What is E-Way Bill

The e-Way bill system is for all GST-registered entities or enrolled transporters for generating the E-Way bill (a document to be carried by the person in charge of conveyance) electronically on commencement of movement of goods exceeding the value of Rs. 50,000 in relation to the supply or for reasons other than supply or due to inward supply from an unregistered person.


Before using the API, User needs to be registered with GST E-Way Bill Website.

Available E-Way Bill APIs

Below are the available Sandbox E-Way Bill APIs

GST E-Way Bill APIs

GST E-Way Bill has multiple APIs. Based on their use case, we have grouped them into the following categories -

  1. E-Way Bill Authentication API - This API helps to generate the JWT access token required to call other E-Way Bill APIs
  2. Taxpayer E-Way Bill APIs - This category contains APIs that help to generate, get, update, and cancel E-Way bills.
  3. Taxpayer Consolidate E-Way Bill - This category will help to consolidate multiple E-Way bills, regenerate and get consolidated E-Way Bills.
  4. Transporter E-Way Bill - This category will help the transporter get the E-Way bill using different filters like date, state code, etc.
  5. Taxpayer Multi Vehicles - This category contains APIs to add & change multi vehicles information. This also helps to initiate multi-vehicle movement for particular E-Way Bill.
  6. Get GSTIN Details - The API will fetch details for a particular GSTIN
  7. Get Error List - The API will provide a comprehensive list of GST error codes, along with their corresponding descriptions sourced from the GST E-Way Bill server.
  8. Get HSN Details - The API will provide information for goods against the provided HSN code.

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