e-Invoice API

e-Invoicing APIs include Generate IRN, Cancel IRN, Generate E-way bill by IRN, and other GST E-invoicing APIs.

What is e-Invoice

The GST e-Invoice system allows taxpayers to register their B2B invoices on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). Upon verification of details, the portal digitally signs the invoice and provides an Invoice Registration Number (IRN) along with the QR code that allows others to verify the invoice. Note that IRN is valid for the given financial year.

IRP also sends e-Invoice details to GST Portal and E-way bill portal, helping with the compliance for GSTR-1 and the generation of Part A in e-Way Bills, removing the need for manual entries. This also makes information available to all parties & standardizes generating and reporting invoices.

As of October 1st, 2022, Companies with an aggregate turnover of more than 10CR are mandated to generate E-invoice.


Before using the API, User needs to be registered with GST e-Invoice Website.

Available e-Invoice APIs

  • Vital APIs: provide access and relevant details for calling e-Invoicing APIs.
  • Core APIs: help with generating and fetching e-Invoice and IRN.
  • E-Way Bill API: can help create or fetch an e-Way bill using IRN.