Virtual Account API

Virtual Account APIs include Create new Account, Fetch existing accounts, and fetch account balance.


A virtual account is a non-physical/online bank account similar to a regular bank account. You can fund this virtual bank account using UPI and Bank Transfer.

It has a unique account number that makes it easy to track transactions and helps to identify the source or the payer as well.

Virtual Bank Account Funding Workflow


Take advantage of Event-Driven workflows

Funding a Virtual Account is an asynchronous process. API users can receive a postback from Sandbox for every successful or failed transaction. Refer to Payment APIs on how you can fund your Virtual Account.

Available Virtual Account APIs

  1. Create new Virtual Account API creates a new account that can be topped up to make payments.
  2. Fetch Virtual Account API provides details of a specific account.
  3. Fetch Multiple Virtual Accounts API gives a list of virtual accounts.
  4. Fetch Account Balance API retrieves fund balance of a virtual account.


Virtual Account

account_numberstringVirtual account number.HEY564578321596
ifscstring11-digit alpha-numeric code used to identify the bank branches.ICIC000103
statusstringVirtual Bank Account status.
Possible Values: Active, Inactive
notesjson objectUser notes.{ "customer":"John",
filter_idstringUser-defined reference string which can be used as an identifier while fetching accounts from Sandbox's database.filter1,filter2
opened_atnumberTime of opening the account in Unix timestamp format.1666155630494
account_typestringType of account.Virtual