Quota is number of API calls a customer is allowed to make in a given month without incurring additional charges

Sandbox subscription plans with monthly quota. Quota help us provision resources for our customers who come in all sizes. Quota also ensures that one customer does not block all available resources and starve other customer of resources. You can refer to quota for basic plans here.

PlanPricing (Monthly)Quota
StartupRs. 9991000 (1K)
GrowthRs. 999930000 (30K)
UnicornRs. 16999100000 (1Lac)
EnterpriseOn RequestOn Request

You can refer to the below table to understand when your subscription quota is consumed.

Status CodeDescriptionNotesQuota
200OKSuccessful API callYes
400Bad RequestInvalid Headers or Query/Path ParamNo
401UnauthorizedInvalid API Key/SecretNo
403ForbiddenInvalid/Expired Authorization HeaderNo
404Not FoundNo
422Unprocessable EntityInvalid Request BodyYes
429Too many requestsNo
500Internal Server ErrorErrors in Sandbox ServicesNo
503Service UnavailableSource UnavailableNo
504Gateway timeoutRequest timeoutNo

You can reconcile your usage by downloading the Usage Report from your account dashboard.

What is Overdraft?

We understand that at times your API calls may exceed the monthly quota. In these cases, your production does not get impacted. Sandbox allows you to go over and beyond your quota.

However, for every call made after exceeding the quota, you will be charged an overdraft on a pro-rata basis as per your subscription plan. This overdraft invoice will be generated at the end of the billing cycle.