In a subscription-based model, customers pay upfront, prior to receiving access to services.

Sandbox customers must first set up recurring payment before accessing our APIs. Subscription can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually. Customer are charged at the beginning of each billing cycle. A subscription is auto-renewed at the end of the subscription term.

Sandbox uses Razorpay to set up Subscription. Razorpay offers payment methods such as UPI Autopay, E-Mandate and Standing Instructions on Credit/Debit cards. You can refer to Razorpay Subscription life cycle here.

Subscription Plans

Sandbox offers many subscription plans across Startup | Growth | Unicorn | Enterprise category.

Startup plans are tailor made for startups building a minimum viable product.

Growth plans work well for startups with early traction and fast growing customer base.

Unicorn plan is designed for well-established startups with large customer base.

Free Trial

Sandbox offers a 14 Day free trial that gives you access to our platform. This will help you test our APIs and build a proof of concept for your stakeholders.

Free Trial

You can read here on how to start the 14-Day free trial.

Upgrade & Downgrade your Subscription

Sandbox allows its users to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions anytime. Users can avail of this by choosing the new plan from their dashboard. Learn more about it here.

Note that the upgrade/downgrade will occur at the end of the current billing cycle. Furthermore, this feature is available only if your payment method is set to a credit card. You can learn more about how to change your payment method here.

Halted Subscription

Payment Gateway will move your subscription into halted state if your payment method does not work. Your access to Sandbox APIs may get impacted due to the same. Its always advisable to maintain healthy payment method for business continuity.

RBI had issued strict guidelines around recurring payment and given timeline to payment ecosystem to comply. While ecosystem has in general made progress, many issues still exist with recurring payments.

In order to maintain business continuity, we have decided to move subscription to an offline invoicing-based model when the subscription moves into a halted state. You can view and pay these invoices from your dashboard. You will have 3-5 business days to pay the invoice before your subscription is canceled by our finance team.