Response Structure

Understand Sandbox API Response structure for smoother integration.

All responses from the API server are JSON with the content-type: application/JSON. A successful 200 response always has a JSON response body except for the DELETE request. Codes in the 4XX range indicates an error related to the data provided (e.g., a required parameter was omitted, wallet charge, etc.) and codes in the 5XX range indicates an error with the servers.

You can refer here for different status codes.

Common Response Parameters

  • code: Status code of the API response
  • timestamp: When the API call was made.
  • transaction_id: Unique identifier of the API Call.
  • message: Error message in case of a failed API Call (for status code 4XX & 5XX )
  • data: Successful API response (for status code 200)


You can log & store the above parameters to later reconcile it with Sandbox Usage Report

The response can be in form of an entity, object, or in a sheet structure. Depending on the API, you can also receive a cached response. This will be mentioned in their respective API Guide.

Example Responses

Sample Responses have been documented on each API Endpoint Page to help developers anticipate all possible responses from the API and accordingly integrate them into their workflow.