API pricing for Sandbox, a B2B SaaS platform for businesses to automate tax workflows.

Sandbox pricing includes two components

  1. Subscription: Customers must have an active Subscription in order to access APIs. Subscription can be billed monthly | quarterly | annually by setting up payment instruction on a valid payment method. Subscription includes
  • Access to API Keys
  • Access to all APIs
  • Access to Platform including Dashboard, SDKs, Documentation, etc
  • Monthly Quota

Sandbox allows you to exceed your Monthly Quota to avoid any production impact. Additional pro-rata charges (Overdraft) will be levied if usage exceeds the monthly quota.

  1. Wallet Charges: Certain APIs include additional charges per API call. These APIs will be here forth referred to as Paid APIs. These charges are levied over and above your subscription. Such charges include:
  • Upstream charges
  • Licensing charges
  • Email or SMS charges etc.

These charges will be debited from your Wallet balance.