Paid APIs

Some of the Sandbox APIs are termed as Paid APIs that have an additional upstream charge associated with them.

In such cases, Sandbox acts as a bridge and uses third-party APIs to pull data that has been requested by our service client (eg. in the case of Compliance APIs, etc.). Pulling such data is only possible by using third parties.

We recommend you continue using Sandbox APIs to access this third party data for the following reasons:

  1. We have already spent time on understanding these third-party APIs, Private key infrastructure, and created integrations, ensuring our customer does not have to go through the hassle

  2. We provide easy self-served Onboarding, seamless API integration, simple subscription plans, well-defined API docs, and a better UI/UX suitable for our clients

  3. We do not charge over and above the cost, we incur from these third parties, therefore you get access to this data at the same cost as you would if you were to approach the source directly.

  4. Sandbox APIs ensure immediate access to this data with easy to use RESTful APIs


You do not have to pay the one-time setup cost, Onboarding/ application fees to the source party as Quicko pays for it as an add-on benefit for its customers.

Upstream Charges

Paid APIs have additional upstream charges associated with them.

Calling these third-party APIs a cost is incurred for APIs called. We ensure that the price you pay to Sandbox for these API calls is the same as what you would pay to the source directly.

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Status CodeDescriptionNotesQuotaPaid API Charges
400Bad RequestInvalid Headers or Query/Path ParamNoNo
401UnauthorizedInvalid API Key/SecretNoNo
403ForbiddenInvalid/Expired Authorization HeaderNoNo
404Not FoundNoNo
422Unprocessable EntityInvalid Request BodyYesNo
429Too many requestsQuota ExhaustedNoNo
500Internal Server ErrorErrors in Sandbox ServicesNoNo
503Service UnavailableSource UnavailableNoNo
504Gateway timeoutRequest timeoutNoNo