API Documentation

Well-Documented APIs help developers in understanding & using those APIs. Understand how to navigate Sandbox API documentation.

How to Navigate Documentation?

Our API Documentation is divided into the following categories


Guides show how Sandbox APIs can answer a user's existing problem statements. It contains what parameters have to be passed in order to successfully call the API & even provides Sample CURL Requests to help developers integrate the API. It also provides you with response details that the API will provide.

Guides help users understand what each request and response parameter means, so as to easily integrate them into their workflows.

API Endpoint

Guides will contain a "View Endpoint" that will take you to that API's Endpoint Page


Endpoints pages are where one can test out the APIs. It allows users to input the required parameter and see the behavior of the API. Note that APIs documented on Endpoint pages are pointing towards the production endpoint, hence passing test data here will result in insufficient privilege error.

Run in Postman  API Guide

Endpoint pages will contain a "Run in Postman" button that will take you to the API collection. Developers can then fork it to their workspace. There will also be a "Guide" button that will take them to that API's Guide page. This helps developers easily traverse between the two pages to understand our APIs.


Recipes gives step-by-step instructions for calling multiple APIs to fulfill the intended use cases.


Changelogs provide you with an in-depth view of changes or new features that have been introduced in Sandbox APIs. Changelogs are published on a monthly basis and are also sent out to our users via mail. Changelogs links can be found on the API guides as well.