Ledger APIs

Ledger API includes Fetch Transactions and Account Statement API


Ledger APIs allow you to get details of the financial transaction on a given virtual bank account. These APIs help users track virtual account transactions and provide account statements that act as a central source of truth during reconciliation.

Available Ledger APIs

  1. Fetch Transaction API: helps in getting a transaction for the given Transaction ID
  2. Fetch Multiple Transactions API: to fetch multiple transactions for the given time period.
  3. Fetch Account Statement API: to get the statement of a virtual bank account.



idstringTransaction ID58sdKG-12e4-5d58-8c4s5654sw6898
payerPayer EntityPayer
payeePayee EntityPayee
amountnumberTransaction Amount1000
statusstringStatus of Transaction.Created, Processing, Successful, Failed
modestringMode of TransactionRTGS,NEFT,UPI,IMPS
typestringType of Transaction.Credit, Debit
bank_transaction_idstringBank Transaction ID/UTR Number1302656459
descriptionstringDescriptionThis is a test transaction
notesjson objectUser notes{ "customer": "John",
"client": "quicko"}
transaction_timenumberTime of incurring transaction in unix timestamp format1630546813
failure_reasonstringfailure reason in case of a failed transaction