Error Code Handling

You might encounter some error messages during integration or when using Sandbox APIs.

The error response would look something like this:


Refer to the table below for error handling:

Status CodeError DescriptionError Reason
400Missing or bad request parameters or valuesIncorrect values inserted in the parameters.
401Authorization failureUnable to authorize
403- Invalid request
- Invalid access token
- Access token has expired
- Insufficient privilege
- Insufficient credits
Restricting access due to one of the errors described.
404Requested resource was not foundCan occur during integration when incorrect URL is used.
413Request is too largeExceeding character limit/file size
422Invalid Request BodyThe body might not be in JSON format or the flags are incorrect
429Too many requests to the APIRate-limiting, Quota exceeded error
500Internal Server ErrorThe issue is from our end, let us know by raising a ticket.
503Source UnavailableOur source is not working, try again later.
504Gateway timeout; the API is unreachableYour request timed out, please try again.