Credits added to the Sandbox account can be used for making Paid API calls. You can read more about Paid API calls from here.


Paid API calls include upstream cost which is debited from credits in a pre-paid fashion. Please ensure you have credits before making Paid API calls.

Adding Credits

Credits can be added via the 'Wallet' Tab on the API Dashboard.

The Current Balance Indicates the existing credits in your account.

  1. To add new credits, you can drag the slider or enter the amount manually.
  2. If you wish to obtain a GST invoice, check the "I want GST Invoice" box and enter the company details.
  3. To purchase the credits, Click on the 'Recharge' button below. A Razorpay Payment Gateway popup will appear and you can complete the payment using multiple payment options.
  4. Once the payment is complete, the purchased credits will be added to the current balance.

You can view the ledger for Credits purchased and Subscriptions bought under the 'Purchase History' in the Wallet section.