Income Tax Business API

What are the Income Tax Business APIs?

The Income Tax Business APIs allow the users to manage their Quicko Income Tax Account.

Through these APIs, the User can add, delete and modify the following in the Quicko Account:

  1. Using Income Tax Returns API you can-
    a. Fetch & Post ITRs to your Quicko Account
    b. Post Form16s to your Quicko Account
    c. Download XML file or JSON file for eFiled ITRs from your Quicko Account

  2. Using Tax Payer API you can -
    a. Manage your Tax Payer entities on your Quicko Account

  3. Using Form 16 API you can-
    a. Read & Classify Form16s

Why use Income Tax Business API?

The details mentioned above and their corresponding APIs allow users to store data necessary for ITR compliance. The stored data allows the automatic creation of documents necessary to file ITR Returns through the Sandbox ITR Compliance APIs.

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