May, 2023

May Changelog

[NEW] TDS Reporting APIs

API users can now generate .txt files for the following TDS Forms

  • Form 24Q : TDS Deduction on Salary Payments
  • Form24Q (Q4): TDS Deduction on Salary Payments (Including Salary Details)
  • Form27Q : TDS Deducted on Non-Salary Payments from NRIs


The API contract remains the same. However, the form type needs to be passed in the path parameter form of the Prepare TDS Return API and the payload accordingly in the presigned URL

[NEW] GST e-Invoice & E-Way Bill APIs

Users can now automate GST e-Invoicing and E-Way Billing using Sandbox APIs

  • e-Invoice: Get, Generate and Cancel e-Invoices (IRNs), generate and get E-Way Bill on IRNs
  • E-Way Bill: Get, Generate, Update, Reject and Extend E-Way Bills as well as generate consolidated E-Way Bills and Initiate Multi-Vehicle Movements