TCS Calculator API

We have gone live with TCS Calculator API. Now Calculate the TCS collectible on incoming payments by providing us the values such as the nature_of_payment, payment_amount and among other details.

API will then determine the collection_amount, collection_rate, section&due_date to deposit the TCS amount.

    "transaction_id": "7f3a8edb-4caf-48a9-83c4-0843cf843ad5",
    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "code": "6CO",
        "due_date": 1707244200000,
        "payment_amount": 799900,
        "section": "206C(1G)",
        "is_pan_available": true,
        "@entity": "",
        "threshold_amount": 700000,
        "is_206cca_applicable": true,
        "collectee_type": "individual",
        "is_pan_operative": false,
        "collection_rate": 20.00,
        "nature_of_payment": "foreign_flight_tickets",
        "collection_amount": 159980,
        "residential_status": "non_resident",
        "category": "overseas_tour_program_package",
        "payment_date": 1706505329000
    "timestamp": 1713942438000