February, 2023

TDS Compliance E-File APIs

The E-File API now supports different filing methods. Users can now file their TDS Return


Change are non-backward compatible.

Change in API Contract

  • The E-File API using the zip of FVU & Form 27A has a new endpoint
    • Users will still be able to hit the previous endpoint of the API until 31st March 2023 before it is discontinued.
  • The endpoint for E-File API using TXT & CSI File can be found here

Improvements for large payloads

  • If the number of transactions is high, the payload may be too large for an API gateway to support.
  • To overcome this infrastructure issue, the E-File API will now return a pre-signed URL.
  • Using an HTTP PUT request, API users can upload payloads up to 5 GB to the given pre-signed URL.