New contracts for GST e-Invoice API

We have deployed new API contracts for GST e-Invoice APIs. Consequently, the previous contracts have been deprecated. Improvements and bug fixes also pushed with the same.

New contracts

Change in endpoints

New endpointsDeprecated endpoints


Some API contracts have changed as per our thought-process about which you can read here. Below APIs have changed as per our design choice.


Schema validation

As a high number of requests are invalid as per NIC schemas, we have enabled schema validation on the e-Invoice APIs. The API which will return Invalid request body if request body does not match the schema. We have added the schemas on our e-Invoice APIs documentation for reference.

How to validate the request body with schema

  1. Go to JSON Schema Validator.
  2. Copy the schema from API reference page and paste in the Select Schema box (left).
  3. Paste your request body in the Input JSON box (right).
  4. The validator will show you errors if any. Change the request body accordingly until no errors are found.

Change in issuer for e-Invoice access token

Issuer has been changed to "" in the e-Invoice access token.

GSTIN transformation

GSTIN passed in lowercase will be transformed to uppercase and then request will be executed.

Bug Fixes

  • e-Invoice access token: Wrong expiry has been corrected.

Deprecation of old contracts

The old contracts have been deprecated and will be discontinued soon. Timelines will be communicated.