December, 2022

API Changelog December, 2022

Bank Account Verification [Penny Drop] Version 2.0

The new version includes the implementation of caching, updated API responses, and an improved charging mechanism.


Note that this version is not backward compatible.

Change API Contract

  • The x-api-version request header will require 2.0 to call the new version.
  • Users will still be able to hit the previous version of the API (1.0) until 31st January 2023 before it is deprecated.
  • The endpoint will point to the latest version when the version is not passed in the request header.

Please refer to our versioning policies here.

Introducing Caching

  • We will now have cached responses on the already verified bank accounts for 12 hours.
  • This means that if the same account is verified again, you will receive a cached response.
  • You can identify the cached response with the X-Cache header.
  • No wallet charges on cached responses, however, usage will be counted.

Please refer to our Response Caching page here for more details

Improvements in the Charging Mechanism

  • If the code is 200 but the penny drop did not take place, then the wallet charge of 0.75 + GST will take place as a verification charge. The reason for the failed penny drop will be mentioned in the response.

You can refer to the updated documentation here.