Crypto Tax PnL API

With the new version of Crypto PnL API, we have added support for crypto futures along with pnl and tax calculations of crypto spot trading.

This addition in the API changes the request and response structure in the newer version, these changes are as follows.

Changes in the request body

  • Created two separate sheets for the spot tradebook and futures tradebook. Transactions from the spot market need to be passed in the crypto_currency_spot_tradebook_sheet and transactions from trading crypto futures are required to be passed in the crypto_currency_future_tradebook_sheet respectively. Both the sheets also have a block where the last traded price of cryptocurrency or contract is to be passed.
  • Added labels- margin,margin_gain, and margin_loss. These labels are required to be passed in the spot tradebook sheet when the user has traded crypto futures.

Changes in the response body

  • Two separate sheets will be given for tradewise pnl of spot and futures.
  • Instead of a separate sheet for holdings of cryptocurrencies, it will be given as a block within the crypto_currency_spot_tradewise_tax_pnl_sheet. Similarly, open positions in crypto futures will be given within the crypto_currency_future_tradewise_tax_pnl_sheet
  • Tax pnl summary sheet will show the income from crypto futures as business & profession income as a non-speculative business income.