Subscription Plans

A subscription plan is necessary in order to access our API platform. A single subscription gives you access to all of Sandbox's APIs. The subscription plan also decides the total number of API calls you can do via your API key in a month. You can view the different subscription plans from here.

You can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan as per your requirement.


You can set your subscription on Auto-renew to ensure continuity of the same API key. The subscription will only renew if you have sufficient credits in your account.

To set the subscription on Auto-renew, click on the API key -> under subscription tab, make sure the Auto renew is selected.

Changing Subscription Plans

You can change the subscription plan for a key anytime. To change plan for a subscription follow the below steps

1. Click on the key for which you want to change the subscription. 2. Click on 'Change Plan' under the subscription tab. 3. Drag the slider to choose the plan you wish to upgrade or downgrade. You can also choose if you want to subscribe the plan on a monthly or yearly basis. 4. On the right hand side you can see financial breakdown the plan you wish to subscribe. If you're switching plans during an active subscription, credits would be refunded based on your unused quota. 5. Click on Proceed to change your subscription plan.