Poll Job

API to check the status of the e-filed TDS return.

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Testing Data

2aa54d2b-68f6-4871-866a-4eba957a8672200Job Queued Response
f845f37e-7f05-4de9-a282-a3b23b9d370a200Job Done Response
6e8d1908-c062-4846-a811-8f73054acd65200Job Failed: Regular Statement with the same TAN, Financial Year, FORM, and Quarter is already furnished
d75c3d26-4f81-451f-ab38-e217ea801ea1200Job Failed: Unacceptable FVU
d1213059-ec22-4e10-b0c1-a91814377001200Job Failed: Invalid Archive
3b979ce9-ef4e-4157-a4a3-51e8747e76d7200Job Failed: Invalid Number of entries in Archive: 1
d6f5b340-440b-400c-9b86-16e691e768b0200Job Failed: Form Type Mismatch
7a62876a-d638-430c-ad77-8fe33d9e63d5200Job Failed: Quarter Mismatch
6b11d176-b3c5-483c-9052-b533a6e92377200Job Failed: Barcode Mismatch
7928082e-34ca-474c-ba05-4ede9598b9b5200Job Failed: Financial Year Mismatch
5fd2679f-040f-435c-a285-df5817a150b5200Job Failed: TAN Mismatch
9bf0b6f8-5957-484f-9aea-0d235054974c200Job Failed: FVU Missing
b411fbee-68e4-4da3-9f62-8de8ca09a74c200Job Failed: Form 27A missing


Please note that job_id other than the ones mentioned will result in an Invalid response when testing in Test Environment.


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