Annexure - TIN FC

TIN FC E-File API Error Codes & Messages

TIN FC E-File API can return with the following Error Codes and Messages

Error CodeMessage
1e-TDS/TCS statement is not validated using the latest version of File Validation Utility (FVU) available on the TIN website
2As advised by Income Tax Department (ITD), acceptance of TDS/TCS Statement for Financial Year prior to 2007-08 has been discontinued at TIN Central system
3As advised by Income Tax Department (ITD), acceptance of Y type of e-TDS/TCS correction Statement has been discontinued at TIN Central System
4The statement was rejected due to Technical reason
5The statement cannot be filed before the end of the relevant quarter of the current Financial Year
6TAN present in the Statement/Application is not valid, kindly furnish valid TAN
7Regular Statement with the same TAN, Financial Year, FORM, and Quarter is already furnished
8Correction Statement cannot be accepted as Regular statement has been canceled
9Regular statement is not available at TIN Central System for which correction statement is being furnished
11More than one CDs/Pen drives are used for furnishing one e-TDS/TCS statement
12More than one e-TDS statement is furnished in a CD/Pendrive
13e-TDS/TCS statement file compressed using compression utilities other than WinZip 8.1 or ZipItFast 3 (or their higher versions)
14The electronic media does not contain .fvu e-TDS/TCS statement
16Physical copy of Form 27A is not accompanied with e-TDS/TCS statement
17Overwriting/striking on Form 27A/27B not duly ratified by responsible/authorized person
18e-TDS/TCS statement is not in conformity with the prescribed format provided by Income Tax Department (ITD)
19Mismatch of TAN of Deductor mentioned on Form 27A with e-TDS/TCS statement file
20Mismatch in Deductor Name mentioned on Form 27A/27B and e-TDS/TCS statement file, but no supporting document furnished for the same
21TAN mentioned in e-TDS/TCS statement file not found in TAN master database of Income Tax Department (ITD), and no proof of TAN attached
22Mismatch of control totals mentioned on Form 27A/27B with e-TDS/TCS statement file
23Arithmetic validation failed
28In case of multi-batch correction statement, no. of batches = no. of statistics report (Applicable for quarterly statements)
29The file is already uploaded to TIN Central System
31Physical copy of Form 27A/27B not duly filled up or signed
32e-TDS/TCS Statement furnished is not validated properly using the latest File Validation Utility (FVU). Please download the latest FVU along with all the necessary supporting files from the TIN website, then once again validate and submit the e-TDS/TCS statement.
33File creation date cannot be greater than the Central system date
34File creation date should not be a future date