Taxpayer Authentication


  • The GST Taxpayers APIs enable access to a GST Taxpayer's Portal.
  • Therefore, using these APIs you can fetch details and file returns like done on the Portal.
  • However, to enable such access the Taxpayer must Authenticate this access.
  • There are Three Steps to the process:
    1. Enable API Access at GST Portal
    2. Send OTP to GST Taxpayer
    3. Verify OTP

Managing Session

  • On successful Authentication, you are granted access of 6 hours and a longer session (maximum of 30 days; configurable on GST portal).
    • Get Session Expiry API helps you fetch the token and session expiry timestamp.
  • Refresh Taxpayer access API will extend the access additionally by 6 hrs from the time of the request. '
  • An extension can be requested with valid access and up to session expiry time. So the user can refresh for 6 hrs from the start of the access after that Refresh access API will not work and the taxpayer session has to be again started with OTP verification.
  • Taxpayer Logout API allows the user to log out.