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Under the GST regime, the taxpayer would not be able to carry out a business transaction without a GST registration. So, it is important for you to take a fresh GST registration in case of cancellation of the old one.

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The GST Registration API allows the taxpayer to register a new GST entity from their GST Portal.


HTTP MethodEndpoint

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Path Parameters

rgdtls stringRegistration Details of Payload
rgdtls.aplty stringApplication TypeAPLRG
rgdtls.aplst stringApplication StatePFV
rgdtls.moddt stringModification date20/01/2017
rgdtls.duedt stringDue date27/01/2017
rgdtls.em stringEmail[email protected]
rgdtls.mbnostringMobile number9956332478
bzdtls stringBusiness Details
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz stringBusiness details of your business
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.lgnmbzpan stringLegal name of the businessRashtriya Ispath Nigam Ltd
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.trdnmstringTrade nameVizag Steel
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cobz stringConstitution of BusinessPRO
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.pan stringPAN of the proprietor/PAN of the business
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.pan.numstringPAN numberAAAAA0000A
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.pan.iv stringPAN number is validated or Not Validated or In ProgressV
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.stcd integerState Code29 stringState Jurisdictionward1 stringState Jurisdictioncircle stringWard/Circle/Sector NoKA001
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cj stringCenter Jurisdictionrange1
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cj.rangecd stringRange Code30501
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cj.comrtcd stringCommisionarate Code3
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cj.divsncd stringDivision Code21
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.isopcmpstringOpted in for Composition
Possible Values : `Y` or `N`
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.iscmpdecl stringIf opt for Comp is Y then declaration of Composition
Possible Values : Y or N
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.antoamt integerAll-India annual turnover declaration amount11
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cmbzdt stringDate of commencement of business27/01/2017
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.iscasdl stringAre you Casual DealerY
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.otherRsLib stringOther Reason for liabilityliability reason
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.estcgstamt integerEstimated Tax Liability (CGST)1000000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.estsgstamt integerEstimated Tax Liability (SGST)500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.estigstamt integerEstimated Tax Liability (IGST)500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.estcessamt integerEstimated CESS amount500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.sgsttuovamt integerSGST turnover amount500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cesstuovamt integerCESS turnover amount500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.cgsttuovamt integerCGST turnover amount500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.igsttuovamt integerIGST turnover amount500000
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.rgfmdt stringStart date from which registration is required27/01/2017
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.rgtodt stringEnd date for registration period27/01/2017
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.rslibrg stringReason of liability to obtain registrationCRTH
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.isthrlmt stringHave you crossed the threshold limit, to become a taxable person, specified in second provision to section 9(1) Y
bzdtls.bzdtlsbz.librgdt stringDate on which liability to register arises02/10/2016
bzdtls.exrgdtls stringExisting Registration Details
bzdtls.exrgdtls.dtreg stringDate of registration02/10/2016
bzdtls.exrgdtls.ty stringTypecst stringIDAS4343S
bzdtls.exrgdtls.iv stringis Validated or Not ValidatedV
bzdtls.dcupdtlsstringDocuments Details
bzdtls.dcupdtls.ct stringContent typeimage/jpeg stringDocument Id123
bzdtls.dcupdtls.ty stringDocument TypePHOT
bzdtls.dcupdtls.hashstringDocument hashHash of the document
ppbzdtls stringDetails of Principal Place of BusinessY
ppbzdtls.hasaddl stringHas additional details
ppbzdtls.add stringAddress sectionC6-89
ppbzdtls.add.bno stringBuilding Name 4th
ppbzdtls.add.flno stringFloor NumberUniworld
ppbzdtls.add.bnm stringBuilding NameElectronic city


Test Environment Not Available


The response includes the following Registration details below

status_cdstringStatus Code1
errorstringError Information
error.error_cdstringError CodeREG20142_MSG
error.messagestringError messageInvalid Mobile number

Response Caching

Response caching is not available for this API. Learn more about our response caching mechanism here

Wallet Charges

Since Registration API is a Paid API, a wallet charge will be applicable, for more information contact support.


This API is currently in major version 1.0. Refer to our versioning policies here