Sandbox enables you to verify Bank Branch details and also verify the Bank Account details. By fetching both the details, you can obtain a comprehensive detail of the Account and Bank Branch.

1. Fetch Branch Details

Use the Fetch Branch Details API to get the bank's branch information of the Account Holder.

  • The API fetches the branch details by using IFSC code
  • IFSC is an 11 digit character representation of a bank branch that you can usually see on your bank’s cheque leaves or other bank-sponsored material.
  • The IFSC code also helps identify the individual bank branches that participate in the various online money transfer options like NEFT and RTGS.

2. Bank Account API

Use the Verify Bank Account API to get the details of the Account.

  • The API verifies the Bank Account details of the users.
  • The API checks & verifies the user information for a particular IFSC code and Account Number.

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