GSTR-1 HSN Summary



  • Get Get HSN summary for GSTR-1 data for the authenticated taxpayer (gstin) for a particular year and month.


HTTP MethodResourceDescription
Get/gsp/tax-payer/{gstin}/gstrs/gstr-1/hsn/{year}/{month}Takes in gstin, year and month and returns HSN summary of GSTR-1 data.

API EndpointAPI Endpoint

Path Parameters

gstinstring15-character alpha-numeric unique identifier assigned to business entities registering under the GST regimeAAAAA0000A
yearstringYear for which Advance Tax needs to be fetched.2020
monthstringMonth for which Advance Tax needs to be fetched.01

Once the values are added, Your curl will look something like this

curl --request GET \
     --url \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: xxxxxxxxx' \
     --header 'x-api-key: xxxxxxxxx' \
     --header 'x-api-version: 1.0'


samtnumSGST Amount as per invoice21472.37
valnumTotal value1827360.62
uqcstringUQC (Unit of Measure) of goods soldUNT
txvalnumTaxable value of Goods or Service as per invoice1548610.59
qtynumQuantity of goods sold1
numnumSerial Number1
camtnumCGST Amount as per invoice21472.37
hsn_scstringHSN of Goods or Services as per Invoice line items998222
iamtnumIGST Amount as per invoice235805.29
descstringDescription of goods soldTax Filing and API services
csamtnumCess Amount as per invoice1000.00