Free Trial FAQ's

  • How long is the free trial active for?
    The Free Trial will last for 14 days from the day of activation.

  • Can I extend my free trial for further testing?
    The free trial can be extended depending on the use case and scenario and our sales executives can help you with them. You connect with them from here.

  • Can I get additional credits for testing in the production environment?
    No, the complimentary credits are fixed but you can add more credits via the 'Wallet' Tab on the API dashboard to continue testing on the production environment.

  • How many calls can I make during my free trial?
    You can make a total of 1,000 API calls during the free trial.

Credits FAQ's

  • What is the minimum amount that I can add as credits?
    The minimum amount is 100 credits.

  • What do I do if my money is deducted from my bank but not reflecting in my Sandbox account?
    Do not worry if this happens, you can raise a ticket with us from sandbox dashboard and we will resolve it at the earliest.

  • Can I send my Sandbox credits back to my bank?
    We refund credits only when there is a cancellation of the subscription. You can request a refund from here.


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